The cryptocurrency of the year 2020

The cryptocurrency of the year 2020

The cryptocurrency of the year 2020

At the end of 2019 many people in our community, visitors and potential investors are asking themselves: WHY Webdollar?

Webdollar is a payment cryptocoin and toghether with many other projects will transform banking. The world is getting ready for a big financial and banking transformation. Webdollar developers have been working hard to get WEBD platform ready for general use and distribution in the coming years.

Yes it didn’t live to everyone’s expectations, but that’s also happened with basically every disruptive technology. Blockchain technology is evolving fast and becoming increasingly important. Webdollar is An Excellent Long Term Investment, like all the good things it needs time to mature.

Webdollar platform is open to anyone on this planet who has a computer / laptop or smartphone and the internet can become a miner, a contributor to Webd protocol, free to build a business on or around webd or be a customer for Webd and future products .

One of the next big step for the crypto industry is Passive Income, allowing investors to earn interest or income from their tokens and coins. In traditional finance, most investors and savers put their money into institutions and banks with higher interest. Webdollar has Hybrid mining with POS (Proof of Stake 66.66%) and moving up to 90% POS soon when it’s ready. Mining Staking Webd = putting your coins to work for you at an annual 35% or more profit.

Webdollar is part of the future. The largest companies and countries in the world now discuss cryptocurrencies as a viable currency of the future, that is, the stakes are going to be higher and higher and proper risk management and doing your homework is essential for everyone.

Companies are looking for real technologies to offer purposefull real life value and integration of good cryptocurrency technologies as Webd. You can integrate Webd on any website with a couple of line of codes.

Cryptocurrency is today where internet used to be in the past. One thing we learn in the past is that – NOT ALL COINS ARE AS SHINY as they may seem to be checking volumes and prices. We need to measure the value of a coin as WEBD with DEEP KNOWLWDGE looking for mass adoption ingredients that are capable of operating on a Global Scale not based on prices and speculation. Technologies with huge potential will achieve huge prices in time anyway.

I am positive that Webdollar will beat all the critics and here is why:

 Ease-of-Use for user experience is the most important in crypto space or any application to have success. Individuals prefer easy-to-navigate interfaces over clunky, confusing screens full of information they may not understand.

 Webdolllar offers the best user experience from any other blockchain.

 When we are talking about stand out from the rest of the industry and the chance for mass adoption. Crypto has to be accessible to anyone, your grandma, friends, people with no technical skills … so UI and UX is the direction projects are behind compared to webd.

No complicated interfaces. No unnecessary anxieties … You don’t even have to sign up!

There is one simple metric comparing Webd and other coins and tokens: If your mom and a non tech person can’t figure out their stuff, wallets, sign in, transactions etc in one day … those projects won’t make it in the future and be adopted 100% !!!

There are a lot of blockchain solution developed in the past 5 years, but there are only a few with easy-to-use user interfaces. Complexity makes it difficult to make blockchain mass market product.

Webdollar wallet is created automatically once and are on their site. For Ease of Use-experience nobody achieved by submitting better than this so far.

Same with mining newcomers can experience mining with zero knowledge and don’t have to download anything.

Going into next year – Year 2020. Community-building is central pillar for most projects and needs a strong focus on their users. Webdollar coudn’t have come so far without the incredibly talented main developers, developers trying to build a business, apps, games, etc. on Webd and around Webd and dedicated people we have in our community.

We have to put more users first, prioritize the community in the business field, pay attention to their feedback and build trust … that will create a loop that will improve all verticals, marketing, funding and the webdollar ecosystem itself.

I am positive that Webdollar will be a great success story.

Wish you all a Happy New Year !!!

The cryptocurrency of the year 2020
The cryptocurrency of the year 2020