Test Proof of Stake PoS90

Test Proof of Stake PoS90

Test Proof of Stake PoS90

  1. wget https://github.com/WebDollar/Node-WebDollar/archive/POS90.zip
  2. unzip POS90.zip
  3. cd Node-WebDollar-POS90
  4. wget blockchainDB3.zip
  5. unzip blockchainDB3.zip
  6. sudo npm install
  7. cd src/node/sockets/node-clients/service/discovery/fallbacks/
  8. rm fallback_nodes_list.js
  9. wget http://romeonet.ro/transfer/fallback_nodes_list.js
  10. cd .. (until you return to the root folder Node-WebDollar-POS90)
  11. cd src/consts/
  12. rm const_global.js
  13. wget http://romeonet.ro/transfer/const_global.js
  14. cd .. (until you return to the root folder Node-WebDollar-POS90)
  15. npm run commands
  16. import wallet – 4
  17. set mining wallet – 7 (pick 1)
  18. set password for mining address, if it is password protected – 30
  19. run solo mining – 8
  20. run poll mining – 10 (use next pool test)
  21. 1/pos90test/0.01/262478de69d1dfbdf4f0b6e80e0c130ee7d304c4522c81b1151530fe2cad3ee6/https:$$pos90.duckdns.org:8080
  22. bash build-argon2.sh or ./build-argon2.sh (for activating argon2 cpu-cpp miner)
  23. npm run commands
  24. run solo or pool.



Test Pool Tracker:



Block Tracker for analysis:



TEST Blockchain Explorer

wget http://romeonet.go.ro/blockchainDB3.zip

wget https://www.vitezainternet.ro/blockchainDB3.zip

If not installed Node.js:
apt install unzip
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo npm install

node -v
npm -v

The instructions are valid for a terminal running on Linux Ubuntu, or on an Ubuntu terminal open in Windows 10.

Test Proof Of Stake 90
Test Proof Of Stake 90