How to recover WebDollar Wallet Password

How to recover WebDollar Wallet Password

At the first site opening, a wallet address is automatically generated.
Default wallet address is not secure, has no password.

webdollar wallet password no password

Webdollar wallet password / no password

If you want to save your wallet address, you will receive a warning message.
Warning! Your wallet address is not encrypted and could be accessed by anyone who has a copy of the file.
We recommend encrypting your wallet address before downloading it. Do you still want to proceed?

download webdollar wallet address

The downloaded file contains:

1. Address of the wallet;
2. The public key;
3. The private key;
4. The file has 303 bytes.

Saved Webdollar Address Wallet file

You must set a password to protect your WebDollar Wallet address.
For a very good security you have to choose a 12-word password.
But at that point it is good to take good care of that password.

Save Webdollar Address Wallet Password File

Save in a notepad file – Saved.txt
After setting the password, an alert message appears:
Successful encrypted! If you did not backup your password manually, we can save your password on your device. Do you want to backup it in a file?
Click “OK” then automatically download the file with the password called –¬†walletPassword.txt

Webdollar address wallet password file

The downloaded file contains:
1. Address of the wallet;
2. The public key;
3. The new private key;
4. The file has 677 bytes.

We recommend that you make a copy of your wallet address and password files on a stick, a cloud account, GoogleDrive, or an attachment on a secure email.
It is very important to have your password because this password can not be provided by absolutely no one else.
And the WebDollar Wallet password recovery operation is very difficult and is only possible if password files have been saved on your computer.
You can import WebDollar wallet address on any browser.
But if there is a password on that WebDollar wallet address, any transfer operation can not be performed without the associated password.

If you lost your password files, a free and simple custom data recovery program is TestDisk & PhotoRec.
For a quick recovery just set TXT files in the search options.

Recovery Password WebDollar Wallet

Recovery lost Password WebDollar Wallet