Hard Fork to implement hybrid PoS+PoW

Hard Fork to implement hybrid PoS+PoW

We will now start preparing WebDollar Hard Fork to implement hybrid POS + POW.
In order not to have problems, please avoid doing any transaction until we announce the successful launch candidate on the main network.
After the successful launch on the main network is announced:
1. Those who mining in the browser must run the command


to receive the new update. And they will only benefit from the PoS with unparalleled wallets (at least the first version).
2. Miners in the terminal must update with the following command

git fetch origin && git reset --hard origin/master && git checkout master && git pull origin master && npm install

On terminal just import your wallet then use command 30 and put your password from your wallet so it will mining PoS automatically.

33,33 PoW (10 blocks) + 66,66 PoS (20 blocks).