Earn 10% commission guaranteed from each customer

Earn 10% commission guaranteed from each customer

Earn 10% commission guaranteed from each customer

There is a simple and advantageous system for making money.

You can earn a 10% commission, paid in US dollars.

Let’s be more direct, we have a very good product that needs buyers.

WebDollar is the easiest to use and the easiest to mine cryptocurrency, with a unique hybrid system.

An innovative cryptocurrency with great potential.  You need to show people – the advantages of WebDollar cryptocurrency.

Let’s introduce everyone to the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you have the opportunity to bring investors / direct buyers. They can buy very simply and directly using PayPal or a credit card.

For each transaction made by the users you bring, you will automatically receive 10% of that value (directly american dollars).

Here is the procedure by which you can earn money:

1. You must register here https://webd.timi.ro;

2. You must activate the affiliate program;

3. Copy Your Unique Referral Link;

4. Search for investors / buyers;

5. Give them to register on https://webd.timi.ro using your unique referral link;

6. Then, from each transaction they make and it is successfully completed, you will automatically have 10% of the transaction value in your account.

7. Track in the account the commissions received after the transactions performed by the clients brought. .

8. For withdrawal you can use your paypal / card / revolut account, you must have a minimum of $ 5 accumulated.

The investor buys $ 10 – you earn $ 1
The investor buys $ 100 – you earn $ 10
The investor buys $ 1000 – you earn $ 100
The investor buys $ 10,000 – you earn $ 1,000
The investor buys $ 100,000 – you earn $ 10,000

Very simple! Bring buyers! And take your money!